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Motorcycle tires - what you need to know

Motorcycle tires are extremely important so choose the right ones. Have a read to help make your decision.

Motorcycle security - protection from theft

The best protection from theft is insurance. There are other tried and true methods that can help protect your motorcycle such as…

How to ride a motorcycle on the highway

Get up to speed when entering the highway, give way to traffic and merge without sacrificing speed.

Mountain Motorcycle Riding - Tips for riding the twisties

Mountain roads are very unique because of the way they cut into the mountain side. 

Commuting on a Super-Sport Motorcycle

The short answer is YES! Commuting on any motorcycle is possible, provided your prepared with the correct gear and have experience with the particular motorcycle your riding.

The average costs of owning a motorcycle

The average costs of owning a motorcycle excluding 1 time purchases is between $2000-$6000 varying on how much its used.

Parents, Partner and others wont let me get a motorcycle

There is a simple reason why these people don’t want you to ride a motorcycle other than the obvious point of money (it can get expensive). 

Riding a motorcycle in the city

Riding through the city on a motorcycle can be dangerous. Lets look at a few points of interest to help.

Can a beginner start on a 1000cc motorcycle?

Yes. Its possible to do although can be quite dangerous. There’s a few things to consider when making the decision, have a read… 

How to test ride a motorcycle before purchasing (8 step checklist)

Click to check out the 8 step checklist. Start by checking if the motorcycle has a service history.

Wet weather gear - what you need to know

The main ingredients is a jacket and pants combo made out of laminated material layers, plastic rain coating or gore-tex or sympatex materials for good water protection. 

How to clean and maintain motorcycle gear

Most motorcycle gear can be wiped down with warm soapy water and a micro-fiber cloth to prevent chemical damage. Rinse with clean water. 

Textile motorcycle gear - what you need to know

Textile material is made by arranging different man made fibers together to create a desired appearance, texture, strength and durability

How to ride a motorcycle in the country

Grip the tank with your knees and use your core to hold onto the bike, leave your wrists and arms nice and relaxed.

Is the CBR250rr A good beginner bike?

Its a super powerful motorcycle for a 250cc, it has a great aggressive riding position and is excellent for riding the twisties because of its weight, build and high revving engine.

How to wash a motorcycle in 7 steps

Rinse it down, sponge clean with soapy water, rinse it down again and dry with micro-fiber cloth. Clean the wheels and chain separately. 

The best way to go about choosing a tire for your motorcycle is to educate yourself on what you need to know for your particular motorcycle, the conditions you ride in and how you ride and treat your tires. 

The trick is to pick the right tire for the right use.