Is the cbr250RR a good beginner bike?

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Is the cbr250RR mc22 a good beginner bike?

The cbr250RR (also known as the baby blade) is a race replica 250cc super sport motorcycle made in Japan in 1990-1999. This motorcycle was designed as a race bike, hence the RR(race replica) and is extremely unique to the motorcycle world. This 6 speed motorcycle has approximately 45hp and its inline 4 engine revs to an amazing 20,000rpm. This bike is an excellent bike to learn on and I speak from experience. Its a super powerful motorcycle for a 250cc, it has a great aggressive riding position and is excellent for riding the twisties because of its weight, build and high revving engine.

The cbr250rr has a strong aluminium frame, comfortable seat, large back compartment storage, smooth power delivery with excellent front brakes (double disks). The sound of the in-line 4 engine has been described as a formula 1 racing car when in high revs.

If you have decided that you would like to ride a super sports motorcycle, you like the leaning over race position, you want a bike with plenty of acceleration and a great sound, the cbr250rr is the bike for you. If you plan on commuting on a super sport motorcycle, give this article a read. An important side note – Make sure you use 91 unleaded petrol (or a lower octane fuel) as higher octane fuels weren’t around when the bike was made – running a higher octane fuel will make the bike run too lean.

 Cbr250rr Specifications

  • Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC in-line 4
  • Top speed of 180kph (113mph)
  • 6 speed manual transmission, 1 down 5 up.
  • Electronic ignition, Carburetted engine
  • 13 litre fuel capacity (around 210 kilometre travel)
  • Dry weight 143kg (313lbs), Wet weight 158kg (348lbs)
  • Front brake – double disk 275mm, 2 piston calipers
  • Rear brake – single disk, 220mm, 1 piston caliper

Positives of the Cbr250rr

  • 45hp (very high for a 250cc motorcycle)
  • Older bike is easier to work on yourself
  • Can register with cheaper club plates (depending on your country/laws)
  • Incredible unique sound with inline 4 cylinder engine revving to 20,000rpm
  • Race bike looks and feel
  • Very photogenic
  • Cheaper than a newer motorcycle
  • Still retains a modern look

Negatives of the cbr250rr

  • Can be harder to find one in good condition
  • Will need more care than a new motorcycle
  • Does not have abs (Anti-lock brake system)
  • Doesn’t have any electronic riding aids
  • Can be taxing on the body if you’re not used to it (shoulders, wrist and back)
  • Is a smaller sized bike (harder to ride for tall or heavier riders)
  • Doesn’t have a fuel gauge

Is it a good bike to start riding on?

It can be scary jumping on 2 wheels for the first time. The cbr250rr power output is very suitable for a learner, meaning it’s not too much power when it comes to learning throttle and clutch control. The riding position is aggressive just like most super sport motorcycles, so you need to sit on one to feel if it’s a position you like. It’s much harder to learn on a motorcycle you’re not comfortable on, so take this into account for a beginner motorcycle. The front brakes are double rotors providing plenty of stopping power for an older bike. There is no abs (anti-lock brake system) so the front wheel can lock up in hard braking. The first motorcycle I rode on the street was a cbr250rr and I felt like it was a great bike to start on. Not too much to handle but felt very powerful and was a real head turner. This is the perfect motorcycle for a beginner rider who wants to go straight to a more powerful motorcycle, but knows starting on a 250cc is more logical. If your convinced you want to start on a bigger bike, read these articles on 600cc bikes or 1000cc bikes

Can you commute on this motorcycle

Personally I commuted on this motorcycle for 3 years and found it absolutely awesome. The cbr250rr is great for navigating traffic because of its slim build and sporty front bars that are pinned closer to the bike, and plenty of engine sound to keep other road users aware of your presence. The bike is nice and skinny for lane splitting or filtering (if legal in your area), and super light and nimble for navigating the city. Its a small motorcycle, so not a problem for shorter riders – that being said, personally I’m 6ft tall and never had a problem on it. It has plenty of usable power, especially higher in the rev range so you can easily stay ahead of the traffic or overtake if needed. For a more in- depth explanation on this topic, read can I commute on a super-sport motorcycle? 

Looking to purchase a cbr250rr?

When looking to purchase be mindful that this is an older bike and will have plenty of signs of age and wear. Have a look at how to test ride a motorcycle to maximise your chances of buying a well kept, clean racing machine. Pay close attention to the kilometres  as they reset at 100,000 – a low kilometre bike may be 100,000 plus (if you find one with 20,000k on the clock, its more than likely 120,000k).

The Cbr250rr is an excellent bike to learn on or ride as a beginner. You will enjoy the way it feels on the road and be able to keep up with some of the bigger bikes out there on the market. It’s cheap, reliable, has plenty of power to have fun with and will keep you happy and within the legal speed limits on the road (mostly).