600cc vs 750cc vs 1000cc Motorcycle

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The age-old debate of comparing the 600cc vs 1000cc class of motorcycles still continues, with many mainstream sports bike brands moving away from the 600cc class towards the 750cc class. This may end up with a new debate – the 750cc vs 1000cc motorcycle comparison. The reasons for the shift away from the 600cc category are not concrete, but it can be assumed that the improvement in technology and design has a lot to do with this. 

Is the 750cc the new 600cc

Put simply, a 750cc motorcycle handles and weighs similar to a 600cc, but with more hp and lb-ft of torque. The improvement in motorcycle technology and design has made this so, with some of the newest 1000cc motorcycles on the market handling very similar to some of the older 600cc bikes. It therefore makes sense that the 750cc class is basically replacing the 600cc class. 

600cc vs 750cc power differences

The power differences between these weight classes is quite large, with small differences in weight, making the 750cc class a better performer in most aspects.

Listed below is an example of the 3 classes of the 2020 Suzuki GSX-R 600cc, 750cc and 1000cc motorcycles:

2020 Suzuki GSX-R6007501000R
Engine599cc 4 Cylinder750cc 4 Cylinder1000cc 4 Cylinder
Lb-ft of Torque44lb-ft64lb-ft87lb-ft
Bore x Stroke67.0mm x 42. mm70.0mm x 48.7mm76.0mm x 55.1mm
Wheelbase1385 mm1389.381419.86

Is the 1000cc supersport the best?

Any brand of 1000cc supersports have ridiculous amounts of power for the street. The only way to get the full potential out of any 1000 is at the track with a seriously experienced rider. 

It really depends on your wants and needs. Heres some questions to ask yourself when deciding on the different power classes:

  • What’s my budget?
  • What am I doing with the bike?
  • What do I need out of the bike?
  • Insurance and registration costs?
  • Service costs? Replacement parts?
  • Looks, feel and what’s available at the time 

Most new motorcycle tech shows up in the 1000cc class first, as it is updated more regularly and filters down from the Moto Gp. Most new 1000cc motorcycles today are pushing past the 200hp point with some crazy tech behind them.

A 1000cc motorcycle on the street is overkill for sure, but as someone who personally commutes on a 1000cc supersport, my daily commute putes a smile on my face every time….it’s like driving a lambo through the city…it’s the overall experience of the sound and having an absolute monster ready to let loose.

Some people just want the best, and even if you can get the most out of track riding, you will still be putting around town at the same speeds as a toyota corolla.


When making a purchase decision, many factors come into play such as what’s available at the time, buying new or used, budget, wants and needs, looks and feel and many more. Usually the biggest tipping points when comparing cc classes are price and availability, especially when it comes to the used motorcycle market. If it’s still hard to come to a decision on which class is best for you, keep this in mind – A 600cc supersport is still extremely fast for the street, and on track a great 600cc rider will usually beat a good 1000cc rider…or just spit the middle and go with the 750?!